Communications & Marketing for Nonprofits

Transform your nonprofit's marketing and communication performance with Giveffect's all-in-one software solution.

Engage your supporters like never before with Giveffect's 10-in-one nonprofit software. You no longer need to struggle with scattered tools. Our seamlessly integrated Marketing and Communications tool empowers you to create personalized messages that resonate with your audience.

Use our robust features for email, text messaging, direct mail, and more to easily communicate your mission across all channels. Track your success and make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive analytics, fueling your organization's growth.

By leveraging the power of Giveffect's connected marketing platform, your nonprofit can achieve greater efficiency, enhance supporter relationships and ultimately achieve your goals. With Giveffect, you can enjoy a complete marketing solution that streamlines your processes and maximizes your outreach.

Capture Every Interaction & Build Stronger Relationships

Giveffect's all-in-one software solution consolidates all nonprofit communications across channels into a single, connected platform. Eliminate complexity and wasted time by enabling your nonprofit to communicate and gain a comprehensive view of your supporters' interactions and engagement with your organization.

Access instant analytics and gain valuable engagement insights such as open rate, link clicks and more. Use the data to identify trends and refine your nonprofit marketing and communication strategy to better connect with your supporters and achieve your mission.

With Giveffect, you'll know exactly what type of communication was sent, who owned that communication, when it was sent and how well it performed. Our tool offers:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Text message marketing
  • Powerful segmentation
  • The ability to track email and web engagement
  • A useful BCC feature
Automated Data Entry Nonprofit Software

Create Engaging & Personalized Email Campaigns

With our nonprofit email marketing system, you can say goodbye to the laborious task of manually exporting lists from your donor and volunteer management tools only to upload it to your email marketing tool. This process is not only time-consuming but also ineffective, as the lists quickly become outdated, forcing you to repeat the process over and over again.

Instead, create personalized and dynamic nonprofit email campaigns with Giveffect, utilizing real-time data to cater to each supporter's unique needs and interests. Seamlessly segment supporters within Giveffect's CRM database, allowing for further personalization using replacement variables, all within the platform. This approach enables highly personalized touchpoints at scale, leading to more meaningful interactions and increased engagement in less time.

We offer powerful tools for email marketing for nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Drag-and-drop email template builder with WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Mobile-responsive templates
  • Seamless mailing list segmentation of your database
  • Automated workflows
  • Email activity and a full history of all interactions logged for each database contact

Design Welcome Series & Anniversary Workflows to Build a Stronger Connection

Make the most of every chance to connect with your supporters and share your story without overburdening your team. Develop automated email and text message sequences in Giveffect to introduce new donors and volunteers to your organization and cause and streamline the sending process. Utilize automated workflows for important occasions such as donor and volunteer anniversaries to further deepen your relationships with them.

By automating these tasks, Giveffect frees up bandwidth to focus your team's time and energy on other crucial areas, such as analyzing engagement data and strategies to maintain and deepen meaningful connections with your supporters. Quickly automate your:

  • New donor welcome journey
  • Donor anniversary journey
  • Volunteer anniversary journey
  • Constituent birthday journey

Direct Mail Marketing without Leaving your Database

Giveffect's platform offers a range of direct mail services for nonprofits. Easily print letters and envelopes, annual statements, invoices, tax receipts and much more!

With Giveffect's nonprofit direct marketing features, you can create personalized communication at scale. Easily embed computational mail merge replacement variables such as donor giving totals, volunteer hours and other detailed stats only possible through advanced database queries.

As letters are generated, Givefect's nonprofit direct mail feature automatically stores the letter history within each supporter's profile within the CRM database.

  • Thank you letter templates
  • General correspondence templates
  • Customized letterhead and signature blocks
  • Single letter for Heads-of-Household
  • Annual statements with tax receipts
  • Personalized mail merge replacement variables
Giveffect Email Screenshot

Reach More Supporters with Text Message Marketing

With an almost instantaneous delivery time and a nearly 100% open rate, text messages ensure that your supporters receive your marketing campaign message quickly and directly. Utilize Giveffect's SMS text messaging to instantly notify your community of upcoming events, fundraising campaigns or event changes due to the weather. With this feature, reach your supporters in real time and keep them in the loop.

In addition, text-to-give helps you streamline and simplify the entire donation process and enhance the experience for your supporters. And text-to-bid will make bidding on the items for your auction much easier.

Text Message Marketing

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